Household Family Binder

Trying to manage the home is an extremely difficult task and there’s so much that goes into it. What do we eat? Groceries to buy? How do I organize all these clothes? When do I clean what? What chores should the kids do? There are so many questions and I wish I had a list for everything… a monthly or weekly meal plan…a grocery list to go with that…a chore list….a packing list…. lists galore! I have some all made, some are in Evernote (app for notes), while others are just hand written somewhere in this house 🙂 My goal is to create a family binder so I have everything (or almost everything) on 1 place. Need a packing list? let me grab it from the family binder…Need a weekly meal plan? let me grab it from the family binder….need a chore list? or cleaning schedule? You now the answer…family binder 🙂

1. So to start, I’m going to be using this design as my binder decor. Feel free to print it and use it to start your binder.

Binder Cover and Spine

2. My first page is the overall to do list to help me keep track of what I need “to do”, where I need “to call” and what I need “to get”:



Cleaning Calendar

Deep cleaning (coming soon)

Night time routine (make coffee, plan breakfast,)


Hospital list for momma’s (coming soon)

Tavel list (coming soon)

Food Related:

Grocery list (coming soon)

Meal plan (coming soon)

Meal prep (coming soon)


Finance (
Project/To Do lists
Menu/Meal Planning
School information



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