New Year Goals

mzx2uowz-o0-luis-llerenaI’ve always loved New Year’s resolutions. It helps me to regroup and helps me feel refreshed and renewed. The disappointment comes about 2 months into the year when I’ve failed at the resolutions or forgot what they are. This year, I am writing them down and will be referencing back to them. Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. To be more intentional about playing with the girls down at their level

I really struggle with this and I was relieved to see that other moms struggle with it as well. With everything that needs to get done– cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, etc— it is so difficult to get down to their level and play pretend house or Octonauts or grocery store, etc….. as my daily to-do list exhaustingly runs through my mind. In my eyes, every minute that I’m not getting things done off my list is a minute wasted–mind you, I write just about everything down including bath time, grocery shopping, etc. 😦 I get overwhelmed because I like to schedule things, write things down that I need to do, and know what my day looks like. So I decided to add playing with them on my to-do list. I know to some this seems ridiculous—“play with girls” on a to-do list seems insane. I actually love going out with them or playing outside but the inside pretend play is the struggle and it’s a solution that I think will help. I’m hoping that having it written down on my list will help me not think of the rest of the things on my list. I’ve actually heard of a mommy setting a reminder to wave to her son (I believe their school was visible from their home) and I loved it! That little child will remember mommy waving to him day after day during recess. We live in a culture filled with “busyness” and often, we forget about the most important things in life–our relationships, our family, our friends—not our stuff.  How will you be more intentional with your children this year?

2. To declutter and minimize the “stuff” we have

So I go through phases when we get rid of bags and bags of “stuff” but I still feel like we have so much. I want to get rid of more clothes, more toys, more books because these stuff are filling up my days. I’m always picking up a toy, folding the piles and piles of laundry that accumulated, putting away tons and tons of clothes that barely fit in our closet and are exploding out of the girls drawers. I want to keep the books we use only, not the ones we touch when we move from house to house, or the ones that collect dust as they sit there never read. We’ve accumulated so many things over the years and even though we donate regularly, the things are out of control. I think my struggle is keeping things “just in case”. I love holding on to things that I may use for homeschooling. I keep it “just in case” one day I come up with a fun activity to use it for. I keep clothes I don’t like “just in case” I’ll start to like it several years later. I keep books “just in case” I’d like to read them when my kids are married and gone (cause I sure don’t have the time now for them). I keep and keep and keep….and before I know it, I am here making numbers out of play dough for math forgetting that we have a puzzle with numbers that I can actually use! Just figured this out 3 weeks later!

I need a way to keep everything under control and to know everything we own so I decided that everyday, I will be getting rid of 2 things (730 by the end of the year). Today, I’ll start by doing the whole week worth of things because I’m in a purging mood. That’s 14 things for the week..but who knows, maybe I’ll get rid of all 730 things 😉 When we buy something new or receive something, we will be intentional about getting rid of something we don’t use in order to keep things to a minimal. Do you have piles of clutter in your home? or junk drawers that are over spilling? How will you make your home a happy place free of clutter and “stuff”?

3. To video journal and blog more

I’d love to write more and record more video journals so that when we’re older, our girls can read and watch these to learn more about our life. Hubby and I have talked about wanting to have seen how our parents were when they were younger and that’s how the video journaling began for us. We record updates on how things are going in our day to day life but have also recorded ones about particular topics to see if we change our mind about them and so that ours girls can see our growth over the years.

4. To spend more time studying God’s word

Often, I read the Bible late at night when all my energy is spent. Instead of reading in the evening, I’d like to start waking up each morning before the girls wake up to spend time studying the Bible. I want to be more knowledgeable and apply what I read to my day. I think it will be beneficial and I can’t think of a better start to my day! I am so excited to see what God has in store for us and the ways that we will grow to be more like Him!

5. To show my hubby more love, more kindness, and more respect

I’m going to start this by doing a 100 day “loving my husband” challenge. I am excited to start this because I know often, I am so focused on the house and the kids, that he experiences the wife that is tired, drained, and ready for bed. He deserves so much more and I am excited for this new start! 🙂 How will you show your spouse more love?

6. To take care of me so I can be a better mom and wife

Just as I started to workout this last year for 2 consecutive months, I’d like to start working out again—I lost weight and more importantly, gained muscle and ENERGY!! I was doubling up on workouts some days and I saw tons of improvement in my day to day life. I gave up coffee and felt AMAZING! I felt like I can conquer the world! I had to stop in December because we were having problems at the gym with other sick little ones so I placed my account on hold for now and hope to start working out at home. I’m hoping to be back there once the weather warms up because I love the accountability of working out with other ladies that are pushing through those intense workouts but at home will do for now. In addition, I will be prioritizing sleep again. I used to go to bed at a normal hour and aim for 8-9 hours of sleep, that was when I was intentional about getting enough sleep. It’s slipped away though. I am excited for this start so I can have energy and excitement for the day ahead! Bring it on 2017! 🙂 🙂

As we begin this new year, have you considered things that you’d like to change? How will you go about making these changes? I’d love to hear about your goals/resolutions and how you plan on achieving them. Happy New year to you and your family!!!


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