Aldi Grocery List (grouped by isles and includes prices)

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Grocery shopping with little ones has be made as easy as possible. So here it is (scroll to the bottom for the quick and easy grocery list)!

Attached is the Aldi list that I created—The whole list is grouped by section to make it easier and quicker to grocery shop with 3 little ones! It is laid out for shopping at Aldi and there’s a section where you add your non-Aldi items. In the non-Aldi section, I also include amazing deals I may find like chicken breast at Jewel and write Jewel next to it. If I get to Jewel that week when the sale is going, great! If not, no big deal!  I’ve included the prices for most things (and will continue to update it as needed). The prices written on the grocery list help me when I go to Garden Fresh first, I’m able to see if Aldi has better prices on those things. Now, keep in mind that Aldi prices during summer can be lower than what is listed. The prices written are intended to help as a baseline. Some of you may not know what a good deal for “a pound of apricots” may be and I hope that this list can benefit you.

Here’s how it works:

I first make a meal plan. When I print my grocery list double sided–I cut it down the middle and it gives my a list for the current week and one for next. I go through my recipes and see what I am missing and what I need to buy. I write the quantities on the line—not necessarily the quantity for fruit like peaches, apricots, etc…typically I check those off to tell me I need to buy some. We eat fruit as a snack so I just need to make sure I have enough fruit weekly. Doesn’t matter what fruit because it’s not part of the meal plan and we just eat what we have. Make sure you buy enough fruit so that everyone has enough healthy snacks 🙂 Then on grocery day I head out to Garden Fresh and start in the produce section to see if they have cheaper deals there–usually they do during summer! I walk along the outskirt (the outer perimeter) of the store (and avoid the isles unless I have specific things a recipe calls for). The outskirt of the store is where all the fresh things are located ….like vegis, fruit, meat, and then finish in the dairy department. I pick-up everything off the non-aldi section there as I check prices quickly to see what to buy from there. Sometimes, it’s a 30 minute process–other times, it takes about 1 hour if I’m slow and let the girls bag things and pick out fruits, etc—and this is usually the case 🙂 Then I head to Aldi and finish up all the shopping and even though I usually buy more from Aldi (especially during cold months), the process at Aldi is EVEN QUICKER because the list is designed based on Aldi isles so I’m in and out with 3 little ones–of course, unless I get stuck at the non-food items that they have at Aldi 😉 Stay clear of it. If not, you’ll go home with a bunch of extras 🙂

***Editable Aldi Grocery List (with Prices)–print double sided and cut down the middle:

ALDI Grocery List with Prices

ALDI Grocery List


1) 1 lb is 16 oz…1/2 lb is 8 oz. 🙂

2) There are things that are separated with a slash “/”, circle which item you need to buy from them.

3) I wrote “expensive” for colored bell peppers at Aldi. During winter, I buy those but during summer, you should look for $1.49/lb or less.


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