Continuing to be Healthy

It has been 3 weeks since I completed the sugar detox and I am still eating healthy. There have been days that I “cheated”–but I am doing the best that I can. I cheat on special days–like my 30th birthday, hubby’s 31st, job offer, or when we have friends over and I serve them dessert–I sometimes just give in and enjoy it alongside them! and you know what—that’s ok!! This is NOT an “x” amount of days detox anymore…it’s really my current lifestyle. In the last few weeks, I learned so much about eating healthy.

First, I learned what eating REALLY healthy looks like! I actually thought our family WAS eating healthy. I mean, we minimally ate processed foods but what I didn’t consider was the amount of bread, potatoes, and pasta dishes we ate–or things like dressings and other things that I NEVER thought contained sugar/honey or some other hidden sugar. Bread-we ate pretty much daily–we really love our warm oooeeeyyy goooeeeyy paninis. Potatoes and pasta–we ate a few times a week…they are probably part of about 3-4 meals a week! Now that’s a lot! So I’ve learned how to replace our yummy italian/french bread with a MUCH better option–sprouted whole grain bread! It’s filling and it tastes great, especially lightly toasted! I’ve introduced sweet potatoes–which we’re not a fan of–that leads me to the next lesson I learned.

Secondly, I learned how to better improvise recipes, substitute ingredients, and have learned how to be much more creative in my cooking! My recipes may seem repetitive over the course of the week but that’s because I was just trying to make it through the 7 days. I felt like I was cooking so much and reading so much that I simply didn’t have much to implement everything I learned.

I’ve also learned how much I can have of the different food groups which is something I NEVER thought of. If I wanted to eat cheese…I could have eaten a whole block! Now, I stick to 1 grain and 1 starch maximum each day. My starch–like sweet potato or even white potato, rice, and/or pasta is typically 1/2 cup. Most days, I don’t even include any of these because I’ve gotten sooo used to not having them but it’s nice to have the flexibility! I can actually have 1 cup if I workout that day. Technically, I can have it since I’m nursing but I’d rather stick to the 1/2 cup rule.

I was actually given an amazing book to help me with my journey of healthy eating—The 21 Day Detox by Diane Sanfilippo. I have not completed this detox but I have read the book and have learned more about what I should eat and what I should avoid. I actually plan on continuing to eat this way, not for the sake of losing weight and then going back to my yummy panini’s—yes, I love them!–But for the sake of being healthy! I absolutely love the fact that the book provides a list of things you can and cannot eat! I’ve basically taken the list she provided with the foods I was able to eat during the 7 day detox and made a longer list of food I can eat (provided at the bottom of the post)!

My girls have even grown through this process! They know that “mommy is trying to get strong and healthy”.  My girls, 3 and 5 years old, now want to workout so they can get strong and healthy like mommy…they also always ask “Is this healthy?” and they eat EVERYTHING healthy that I’ve introduced to them! Even if they say “It’s not my favorite”, they eat it. The other day, Shoey said “you’re almost strong like the teacher” aka Jillian Michaels—-:) They think I’m ALMOST as strong as her–how precious! –Not quite there but I’m working on it. I’m currently on Day #13 of my 30 day shred! I know I want to continue this because I feel great even through the sleep deprived nights! Baby Madi is almost 6 months and still waking 2-4 times each night to nurse and that’s alright! It’s just a chapter and we are making the most of this time.



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