Curriculum for K4 and Kindergarten

When Shoey was 4, we used Abeka curriculum for one main reason. I was working at that time and my husband needed to do a big part of the teaching so we needed to get a curriculum that helped with the teaching. Abeka has a DVD program that we used! They recorded the classroom lessons which really helped with our homeschooling experience. What’s nice about it is that the teacher still references your own child. She’ll say things like “boys and girls that are watching…”. You DO need to supervise your child to make sure they stay engaged and attentive so don’t think you just pop it in and walk away. It was a good curriculum in terms of content taught but often, it felt like the worksheets were an overkill and many of the lessons VERY long (about 4-5 hours a day!). At times, they drilled so much that it made Shoey bored!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a GREAT curriculum for a classroom and it’s even a decent curriculum for using at home if you’re ready to skip, tweek, cut, fast-forward, etc. As a teacher though, I would not choose Abeka as my first choice to use for homeschooling. It’s a good place to start to get your feet wet and see how the teachers present the lessons—I learned a lot!

We used it for the first half of the year only and barely schooled the second semester due to some other things we had going on at that time. Shoey began Kindergarten with only half of k4 completed but she thrived in class. She began school with our school district as the youngest in the school and was at the top of her class. Due to MANY reasons, we decided to pull her out after the first semester and continue to homeschool. Initially, I decided since we’re halfway through the year, it’s best that I create the curriculum for the rest of the year so I was spending 2 hours each evening to prepare for the next day but it was not a long-term solution–I was wiped. A few weeks after Spring Break, we transitioned to online schooling (Time4learning using the K4/Kindergarten and 1st grade material) since it wouldn’t be wise financially to purchase a curriculum since I’d only use the second semester material and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since! The girls really enjoy it!


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