Day #4 of Detox

This was the day that was probably the hardest. I just wanted SUGAR! I wanted a yummy homemade raspberry/blueberry filled pancake but had to resist again because of the white flour in them. I also felt like I was running out of food—-which really doesn’t make sense and here’s why… Groceries for the week included the dinners for this detox, a few snacks for the detox AND my original meal plan for the week YET I felt like we have NO food I can eat. Sooo, this called for a grocery trip to Target. For those that know me also know that I absolutely LOVE shopping at Aldi. It is THE store I shop at mainly during winter (during summer, I go to Aldi and another place). Every so often, I go to o Target to buy things that Aldi doesn’t have and this detox desperately called for this! I needed soo much! I needed things that I NEVER buy! Can I just say I usually don’t like going anywhere else but Aldi with 3 little ones because imagine this, wondering the isles as baby needs to nurse, girls are bored and I’m still searching on item 2 on my list out of the 20! It is a daunting task! Anyways, before I went I used the target website to figure out the isles I’d need to visit! Seriously amazing idea! Saved me soooo much time!

I was able to fill my cart with yummy things that I CAN have like CASHEW butter! Seriously addicted! Also–some sprouted whole grain bread–huh?! I can have it just didn’t care for it because I was content with my french and italian bread —-oh that crust! Ok back to the shopping—it was great I was able to get a lot more snacks that I can have.  always thought of snacks as unhealthy-ish unless it was fruit (that’s actually why our girls didn’t have snacks for about a year now—because it wasn’t worth them sitting down at dinner and not being able to finish the small amount I gave them because they ate pretzels, goldfish or whatever other snack they got that day-so I cut out snacks) Well this shopping experience brought snacks back in! When you’re eating as healthy as I’ve been eating, it’s awesome to have some peanuts with apples, or cashew butter on that fancy shmancy healthy bread 😉

This is another day that I also decided to stay up when Baby B woke up to nurse instead of going back to sleep! and yes, I worked out again but that pain I was feeling the day before–ALMOST gone! I felt AMAZING! Working out is seriously like caffeine—addicting in a good way though 🙂 These workouts have really kept me going and I LOVE the fact that the girls see me getting healthy. They are constantly wanting to eat what I eat—today, that meant asparagus as a snack for Shoey–love it!

A little but about dinner, it was salmon in a crockpot or at least that’s what the recipe asked us to do but I opted for oven baked salmon on a bed of spinach and kale with bundles of asparagus wrapped in half slices of bacon. The salmon was a disappointment because it turned out dry 😦 But hey, that’s alright–I’m totally learning. I’ve never made it in the oven–I’m a skillet girl! What I love about this besides the ENERGY that I’m getting, if you haven’t read that already 🙂 is the things that I’m learning. I’m learning healthier snacks and meals and the best part I’m learning to improvise things–like my made up turkey meatballs and now the salmon. I’m learning to venture out and try my own made up recipes instead of making only tried and true recipes. I’m learning what goes together, making mistakes along the way, but eating sooo much healthier–and I wasn’t that unhealthy in the first place.


  • 3 sunny side up eggs on a bed of sautéed vegis: mushroom, onions, peppers
  • 1/2 large cucumber

A.M. Snack:

  • none because I was grocery shopping

Lunch salad:

  • 2 full cups of mixed greens
  • 1 tomato on vine
  • 4 tbsp of avocado dressing (notice my dressing is increasing each day—this particular salad is getting boring for me since I’ve had it almost each day the same)

P.M. Snack:

  • 1 cup of smoothie (made the same as Day #2)
  • 1/2 slice of whole grain sprouted bread with cashew butter—YUM! (girls had it with a thin drizzle of honey and they LOVED it)
  • 1/2 an apple


  • Salmon on bed of spinach and kale
  • Asparagus bundles wrapped in 1/2 slice bacon

avocado-885272_960_720 detox 3-5


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