Day #5 of Detox

Today was difficult, not because of this detox but because hubby and older girls are sick and last night just didn’t cut it for me–waking every 1-2 hours was more miserable then ever BUT I pushed through and believe it or not, I chose to workout today! Not in the morning because I could barely … More Day #5 of Detox

Day #4 of Detox

This was the day that was probably the hardest. I just wanted SUGAR! I wanted a yummy homemade raspberry/blueberry filled pancake but had to resist again because of the white flour in them. I also felt like I was running out of food—-which really doesn’t make sense and here’s why… Groceries for the week included … More Day #4 of Detox

Day #3 of Detox

I’m really having a love/hate relationship with this detox! When a meal doesn’t taste amazing, I think this detox is just OK yet when meals taste great, I LOVE this detox! Now, in terms of how I feel, still feeling great and I mean super amazing! Am I tired?! Beyond tired when I think about … More Day #3 of Detox

Day #2 of Detox

I survived day #1!! Woo hoo…it wasn’t easy yet it is definitely doable! Things like eatingĀ a can of tuna? Never in my right mind would I do it and it sure wasn’t what I’d call a gourmet meal, yet, with a lot of tomatoes, peppers, and a green onion, it tasted decent. Not just ok … More Day #2 of Detox

Day #1 of Detox

Good morning all! It is 7:30 am and I am done working out and having breakfast! I need to get a few things off my chest before I talk to you about this new journey I’m trying out. First, I feel like since Madi has come (5 months ago), I’ve been exhausted, have no energy, … More Day #1 of Detox