Starting to blog

I have been journaling for the past 5 years and just recently, through the making of our family video journals (more to come on this), I decided I’d like to start blogging to share my thoughts/resources/ideas/tips.

First, I chose to blog for my little girls- Yes, times will change but it is my hope that through these posts, they will learn more about mommy and daddy’s adventure when they were little and may use the resources from here as needed.

Secondly, I chose to blog so that anyone else out there that may feel like I felt-searching everything and then tweeking things to their liking-can use as needed. I’ve done a lot of the tweeking over the years to meal planning schedules, chore lists, cleaning calendars, etc.

Lastly, I chose to blog for myself. Please know that I don’t choose to write because I think I know more. I choose to write because I am passionate about these things! This blog isn’t about how many people will follow or even read it, in reality, I want a space to write and share and if only one person uses one resource-I’d be happy 🙂 even if that one person will be one of my girls 🙂

This blog will include things about cooking (recipes and tips), cleaning/chores/organizing (calendars, schedules, meal planning, and products to help with all of it), homeschooling (curriculum,activities, etc) nursing (tips and products that helped), our life, babies (cloth diapers, baby registry list, products that work) and other resources that may help with day to day life.

I absolutely love the adventure that we are embarking on. Feel free to join me and share your ideas alongside me.

This is to the new year! 2016-May it bring lots of joy, peace, and growth!


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